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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
My favorite is when you get the call from a customer that had you come fix one 4" pop up and is now blaming us for lack of coverage.

Me- "Ma'am we just replaced one head with exactly what you had to begin with. You said you didn't want a full system check, and you weren't going to pay for any other services. If you would like a tech to come back out and do a full system check it is X amount of dollars."

Lady- "Your going to charge me to come back out and look at my system???"

Me- "Well you get what you pay for, and if you ain't payin' we ain't workin'.

Lady-"Well I've Never........."

Me- "Now you have."

I know business is business
but ahhh when I repair a single head and that's my sole reason to be there .. I'll still make sure the zone is working properly and has good coverage.. if not I'll make suggestions . Only takes a few minutes and it makes you not look incompetent to the customer. Id rather do that then have the client call and complain. Then again we have a min charge of one hour to come out
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