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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post

I know business is business
but ahhh when I repair a single head and that's my sole reason to be there .. I'll still make sure the zone is working properly and has good coverage.. if not I'll make suggestions . Only takes a few minutes and it makes you not look incompetent to the customer. Id rather do that then have the client call and complain. Then again we have a min charge of one hour to come out
This old lady is from a notorious retirement comm, that does not pay for extra work. I was under strict instruction to have my guy fix ONLY the broken and flagged head (That she marked with a wooden stick) and do no more. When my tech arrived she wouldnt let him in the garage to blow out the nozzle, or check anything else. The st. agustine had covered all the valves so my guy couldn't find them.

Now she wants me to come back to a system bc of coverage that we never even got to see running.

I should have explained that a little more. On all service calls we do a full system check, the customer pays for a min. of an hour so we will stay that long to check and adjust things as needed.
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