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Weathermatic Smartline

After all this time I finally ran across my first Smartline controller today.

I must say.....Name:  edgrimley.jpg1.jpg
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Size:  21.3 KB what a wonderful surprise!!

I really liked it!

I see a big downside with these though, or maybe I just don't know the trick yet.

How are you able to check/confirm voltage on the station ports, or if you have a bad module? Luckily I found the problem with the two non-working zones as a field wiring issue, and not with the controller.

As those who are familiar with them the faceplate unplugs from the board when you open it. How are you able to complete the first step of electrical troubleshooting one of these?

Please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I generally disregard info on components I don't or haven't used......I know, shame on me.
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