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Texas A&M University vs Kiril the splenetic anonymous internet pissant

Texas A&M's credibility
Centers and Institutes
Texas A&M University pursues teaching, research, and service at the exceptionally high levels expected of America’s great universities. Having achieved international recognition as a leading research and teaching institution and as one of only 62 invited members of the Association of American Universi*ties (AAU), Texas A&M is a top tier public research university.

In the realm of research, Texas A&M is well on its way to achieving its goals. Here are some recent rankings and assessments from the National Science Foundation (NSF), other influential organizations, and studies that illustrate the university's growing stature among institutions of higher education nationwide.

National Science Foundation
Texas A&M reported $630,655 million in the National Science Foundation Survey of Science and Engineering Research and Development Expenditures for 2009 and was ranked #20 nationally in the recently released Info Brief. By field of science, engineering led with $216,875 million in expenditures; life sciences and environmental sciences followed with $193,967 million and $130,662 million, respectively.

The Center for Measuring University Performance
Texas A&M is ranked in the top 20 nationally (#17 overall) in the Center's The Top American Research Universities 2010 report, with three performance measures in the top 25 nationally and four measures in the top 26-50 nationally. For example, Texas A&M is ranked #12 in National Merit & Achievement Scholars, #16 in endowment assets, and #18 in advanced training in the report.

The Center for Measuring University Performance collects data from over 600 institutions and determines the Top American Research Universities by their rank on nine different measures: Total Research, Federal Research, Endowment Assets, Annual Giving, National Academy Members, Faculty Awards, Doctorates Granted, Postdoctoral Appointees and SAT/ACT range.

Coyne/Summers/Williams Study
The Mays Business School's Department of Accounting Faculty was ranked #2 (taxation), tied for#1 (archival, tied with University of Chicago) and #1 (average ranking across all topical areas), in terms of publications and "intellectual capital created" by current faculty over the most recent six years, in a recent study (Coyne, J.G., S.L. Summers, and B. Williams, “Accounting Program Research Rankings by Topical Area and Methodology”). (Rankings are #1 among all public institutions and among Vision 2020 schools).

Podsakoff/Mackenzie/Podsakoff/Bachrach Study
The Mays Business School Department of Management ranked #6 world-wide (behind Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Michigan, and Illinois), in terms of impact to the literature over a 25-year period, in a recent study (Podsakoff, P.M., S.B. MacKenzie, N.P. Podsakoff, and D.G. Bachrach, “Scholarly Influence in the Field of Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Determinants of University and Author Impact in the Management Literature in the Past Quarter Century,” Journal of Management (Volume 34, Issue 4, 2008), pp. 641-720)).

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