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Kohler 26hp EFI fuel problem

I have 3 walker mowers MTGHS all with 26hp EFI Kohler engines model CH26S. I bought this particular motor as part of a package buy of 2 walker mowers, 1 running and 1 not, so I have never seen this engine running (yet) the guy I bought it off said it ran fine but he was having problems with the fuel pump and just shelved it.... ok so my main machine just broke a crank shaft... 1.5 inch shaft broken clean through just inside the sump housing with only 750 hrs on it! ... anyway I have exchanged the broken crank engine with this one I have never seen running.... it turns over fine, it has spark but the fuel is not getting through... remember this mower was just running before I broke the crank in the other engine so it is nothing to do with the cpu or fuel pump, I can here the pump cycle just as normal...the wiring seems fine I checked it all twice.... but it seem as if the injectors are either clogged or are not working because of some electrical issue... I assume they work by recieving a signal from the TPS which I have replaced with a new one (not an original Bosch part but an equivilent) I can get it to fire up by putting fuel into the air intake but have no throttle control and the engine dies as soon as the small amount of fuel runs out, I am not a mechanic and will happily supply any additional information needed to help me get this thing running asap..... I guess my question is, is there anything electrical that would stop the injectors from letting fuel through? Or should I just pull it out again and remove the injectors for cleaning?

Thanks in advance, Les.
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