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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
So what convinced them to go with you? You haven't showed them a plan or priced it right? We have had people take a plan we put together and go get bids and knock us out.
I thought the same thing but it sounds like he knows what is going in there though. For instance he knows 400 plants 8 trees the size of the patio, probably the size of the walkway. Might all just need to be put on paper for something to go by on the install and for the homeowners but with the information he has he could probably give a price...not sure it's a guess because I was thinking the same thing as you. Kind of backwards but I have done it this way before. One reason is to give them the option of colors on the patio.....I will put in a few colors that they have it narrowed down to so they can choose and what not.
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