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Originally Posted by Snapper Jack View Post
The TPS(Throttle opening) sends signal to ECM ,then ECM sends a pulse signal to fire the injectors for exact amount of fuel to be injected.( Just the basic format) There should be a fuel regulator some where near the fuel rail, need to find the exact fuel PSI required and test yours. Need to see if the injectors are getting a fire pulse command from the ECM.
Kohler EFI runs at 40 PSI. Fuel pump is contoled by the computer though a relay. Turn the key switch on (do not start) you should see the ECM do a self test by turning the fuel pump on for a few seconds and then off. It will do this a few times until the system times out. If the fuel pump does not run at this point then find and test the relay. If the post pictures of your system I will help you find the right relay to test. On the older metal cased ECM the fuel pump relay is under the seat at the bottom of the ECM. On the new ones the fuel pump realyt is monuted at the top of the plastic cased ECM just in front of the blower box.

How long has it been sence the fuel filter was changed? They are rated at 1500 hours (hard to believe but that is what the books says) but I have seen more than one get clogged to the point that the fuel pump would not work.

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