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If that is the basic cost for tiway 419 at 100.00 then that is pretty good, however I do know that this price is probably by the pallet. When I need is by the trailer load and the price per pallet drops by 20.00. Remember, short orders usually will cost more to the buyer;especially at nurseries and garden centers. The distance you have to travel is also important as to the cost. If the supply and demand is playing a role here, then during this driving market of fuel expense and other costs it may be your best bet. I am fortunate enough to live withing 25-40 miles from 4 turfgrass growers....pallisades zoysia, 419, tifdwarf. The delivery is of not much importance as buying it lets say--4-5 pallets at a time. It would be better off getting it myself and paying less from the grower. I remember a time when bermuda sod was 30.00 a pallet. Back in the late 80's.
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