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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
No "if" needed. "If" you are going to read stuff then quote it accurately.
Excuse me? Where did I misquote anyone?

Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
The manufacturers make a standard controller for all areas of the country with parameters they feel make the controllers accurate in the necessary watering needs of the different landscapes.
Wrong .... and that is the reason why you shouldn't be commenting on controllers. For example .... entering a zipcode makes the controller location specific.

Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
If it is accurate in College Station based on the manufacturer recommended settings then it should be just as accurate in Houston or Dallas based on the manufacturer's recommended settings. SOME controllers performed well in this study. THOSE controllers need to be brought to the attention of Texas cities. A virtual landscape works fine for this type of study as long as the sensors are exposed to the elements.
Again wrong. The assumption of 100% system efficiency invalidates this study as an accurate reflection of field performance.
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