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Originally Posted by greenmonster304 View Post
This a little bit of a different topic bit related. Who of the other types of contractors have the least respect for irrigation? What I mean is when other trades are working around irrigation system who damages them them the most and doesn't even care. I feel that it is the septic guys who just f__k things up and bury it without marking or telling any one. Like today I go to the job where the cesspool caved in when I was pulling pipe, they filled another old pool and in the process broke a head off the end of a lateral line and buried the pipe 3' down in the sand so the water wouldn't even surface. These guys knew the system was brand new and it wasn't even wired and they just don't care.
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i feel that all tradesmen look down on any trade other than their own, until a man walks in another's boots he may tend to feel superior to others.

the more trades that you learn, the more respect that you gain for the craftsmen. i happen to have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of different things in my life and have the utmost respect for a craftsman.
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