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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
Let's be honest here. You don't care what answer I give you. You just want something to argue over in an attempt to display what you seem to feel is your superior knowledge on the subject. So I choose not to give you that option.
I fail to see the need for weekly adjustments in your region given CIMIS data does not indicate a need for weekly adjustments at this time of the year, hence the question how you are determining this need for weekly adjustments. Your refusal to answer the question just supports my initial belief that you are FOS and you are in fact pulling numbers out of your ass. No offense man .... but it would seem the only reason anyone would have to be on a commercial site every week is to mow & blow .... which puts you squarely into the meddling lawn boy category. Water and fertilize to justify the weekly stop .... please correct me if I am wrong.

Lets assume you are doing something like soil moisture monitoring ... which means you would need to be on site the day before every zones scheduled irrigation .... which is pretty damned unlikely.
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