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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Why do you need to see both ends? You can figure it out blind as long as you have a fingernail.
just take an eye out and save the fingernail
Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
lol. I'm surprised everyone seems so confused

My worst one ever was trying to take out a 2" galvi union from under a dock on a air pumped up floatie boat being upside down trying to unscrew it while tons of waves from the lake was lifting me up and down a few feet.. However I had know clue which way was which

I understand usually it just takes a few moments to realize your going the wrong way.. Just seeing if there was a trick to it..

Kiril says a finger nail? in the dirt 2-3' down?
I guess there are no tricks..

I was dealing with 2 - 2" brass unions the other day and they were unscrewed opposite from each other.. Meaning when they were installed one was reversed from the other. Breaking loose a 15 year old 2" union is hard enough with out having to go the wrong way and tighten it
i don't understand that you can do all of the locating, leak detection and repair work without having a mirror. i think that a mirror on a stick is essential.

righty tighty, mitch, lefty loosey
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