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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
For starters, you follow the manufacturer instructions on winterizing backflow preventers.
Let's say... the backflow doesn't exist or the unit is aged and manufacture can not be distinguished. What if I'm using a pump without a back flow....? That's not what I asked. TECHNIQUES/SERVICES/ETC.

Wet Boots, I feel it pretty darn rude to first off make me ask you to be serious about the subject matter, and again by having to question your vague comments.

My question was fairly simple... "What is your technique to winterize an irrigation system"?

...manufacture instructions were not in question, and most of my maintenance accounts did not have it installed by my business. I asked for more information from your vague answer to help answer my original question. WHAT IS YOUR TECHNIQUE? Please only comment if you are willing to state your technique and your area. Any other information is far away from my question. I'm looking for techniques and inclusive serves items only. I live In zone 7--work in the transition between A and B. I'm trying to just compare everyone technique and what is included. I don't care for a price because I'm well aware of my own prices; services are in question.
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