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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post

Study what Pete? I read the reports ...... ALL OF THEM! In fact, I have been watching this study since it's inception.
I'm calling bullshit on this one. Watching it from inception? My azz.

I'm also calling you out for misrepresenting my argument concerning smart controllers. I have never said a smart controller can't be a good tool for a water manger. I've said that cheap chinese smart controllers being installed in non-managed situations is a recipe for disaster. Casting false aspersions means you have a delusional memory or you are unethical. Which is it?

For the rest of you this is an excellent report done by an outstanding university with all the elements necessary to do a fair evaluation of the ten controllers used in this study. If you want to be misled by Kiril's ranting then power to you. I'd still read the study and judge for yourself. What Kiril has to say about it is totally irrelevant in my opinion.

The controllers reviewed.
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