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I saw your post before it was removed. Most of the places I work in we have to submit a plan to the city Architect which he then reviews and if it passes then we get the permit. After we install the system we then have to call out the inspector to come out and confirm that we installed the system per our specs, and any as-built changes have to be noted in red ink and to code.

There are different inspectors and you never know which one is going to show up so I install to the stictest one's standard every time.

-If wind is blowing over 10mph - FAIL
-One drop of water lands on sidewalk, hardscape, house - FAIL
-Anything but dripline used in an area less than 7 ft wide - FAIL
-Matched precip comprimised for any reason- FAIL
-System not hydrozoned- FAIL
-Rain sensor not set at 1/4in-48hr- FAIL
-Heads closer than 6 in to hardscape- FAIL
-Head to Head spacing comprimised- FAIL
-Sprays mixed with rotors- FAIL
-Seasonal run times, gpm per zone, water budget chart not posted-FAIL

I am also:

Licensed Prof Irrigator
Licensed Irrigation Auditor
Licensed BPAT
Austin Water Wise Cert
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