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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Yes, a bed with plenty of plantings to hold the hill in place.

A retaining wall would be my next choice.

And my third would be to use plantings along with med-small boulders to keep the hill in place.

Yea that crossed my mind but I think he wants a cheaper way to go about it. All he wants to do is keep the mud off the roadway.

Originally Posted by Barrett Landscaping View Post
if you are stuck on doing grass you need to bring in some better soil to mix in and then see or sod. however, a wall or plantings would be your best bet.
Yea I was thinking grass And it probably the cheapest route.

Originally Posted by 94gt331 View Post
If your set on grass on that bank i would bring in a little topsoil and seed it straw it. But before you do that you should start at the top of the bank and build that up alittle to send the water in a different direction just as long as the water isn't going to the neighbors.
Yea I was thinking it needed better dirt. How much topsoil do you think you would put down first before seeding. Yea I am not sure where the water is coming from there is a parking lot up above but it is all curbed off. I do not think it is washing out too much. It just getting enough mud on the road that cars are tracking it throughout the parking lot.

Thanks for the advice so far. Keep them coming.
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