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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
Kiril, that's not true. The law says that overspray should be minimized, not eliminated. From 344.63(g) of the code ( -

"(g) Irrigation systems shall not spray water over surfaces made of concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, stones set with mortar, or any other impervious material, such as, but not limited to, walls, fences, sidewalks, streets, etc."

This says we can't spray over it, not that we can't touch it. Enforcement of "no water allowed to touch hard surfaces" is overzealous interpretation and enforcement by the inspector. I've clarified this with TCEQ on more than one occasion and the intent of that paragraph is to prevent the systems where rotors are intentionally spraying over sidewalks, etc., not to stop any edge overspray.
Tell that to TXI ... he's the one who said not a single drop of water can get on hardscapes or buildings in order to pass inspection.
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