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Originally Posted by Stillwater View Post
tiny grade like that top dress with some decent soil and hydro seed with a good mix that contains at least 20/25% annual rye for fast stability. Smarten up guys a retaining wall for that location is unjustified.

thats a 3 hour job with a skid, materials and a hydro seeder. 4 hours max 700.00 / 800.00 done.

Yea the grade is really not that steep. But that is what I am thinking. Just topsoil with seed. I think that would really get it stable. The only place that is washing out is where just dirt is. The grass section is fine.

I have to agree with you here. I see no reason for a retaining wall. That why I mentioned just seeding it. But wanted some opinions on what I need to do to address the red clay.

Yea I would have to rent a skid, and as far as a hydro seeder is it really necessary? Cant I just throw the seed down and rake it around slightly and straw the area?

And here a few more pictures. Maybe give better idea how steep it is. I was kneeling down taking the pictures.
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