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Originally Posted by andyslawncare View Post
Thank you for a serious response. I appreciate it when this forum is used for what it was created for.

When I'm on here working, I don't have much extra time for play--I'm trying to make more profits from my current clients now.

I appreciate any relevant input and the occasional laugh.

Do you insulate the back-flow or shut-off when you turn off or just turn it off? In the spring do you run all zones and check arcs and functionality?


I can see you wanting to make more , but those clients of yours are actually clients of an irrigation contractor , who may also want to make more from his clients by offering lawn maintenance services. I have seen many lawn maintenance companies actually lose customers because they tried and failed to repair or maintain the sprinkler system .

Nothing beats experience , and experience comes with a price , irrigation systems dont all winterize the same , the principle is similar but systems differ

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