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Originally Posted by Mxrider52 View Post
Yea Bermuda is getting a little late so it wouldnt work. Seems Ryegrass will be about the best solution. Yea the hill is not steep. I can put my rider on it so I dont know why people keep saying retaining wall.

As someone else said I think sod would cost way too much.

Yea ill check into doing a soil test. It just hard around here to get grass to grow in red clay. What do you mean by roll the seed into the soil?

What is curlex plastic erosion control blanket? Is it pricey?
Curlex erosion control blanket is a green plastic biodegradable blanket for erosion control on slopes its available at . Rolling the seed into the soil with roller helps insure great seed to soil contact for near perfect germination. Use the best seed you can find. Apply seed with a broadcast spreader then roll the area for great seed to soil contact.
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