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I was able to test the power signal to one injector .... it is getting a signal ... thanks SJ ... I am guessing it is blocked injectors, it had some pretty $#!+/ looking fuel in the tank of the mower it came from and if any that ever did get in there.... well

I read about the TPS initializatioin and if I understand it correctly it needs to be running in order to do that ... thanks pugs.

Restrorob .... I dont know why I didnt think of that! Probably too tired ... Good job.

Engine out ... again :-(

But I have another question for you guys .... I am in the process of pulling the broken crankshaft out of the other engine and I am looking at the engine speed sensor on the flywheel .... I think it is on backwards! There is a picture in the service manual (section 5b) which shows the lead wire running back towards the engine and the small bolt in the sensor facing outwards ..... there is only around 1/4 to 1/3 of the sensor sitting directly above the flywheel on mine ... it just doesnt look right .... the lead wire on mine is facing out and the little bolt is facing in .... is there any real reason why somebody might have done this ... other than total incompetence?
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