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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Tell that to TXI ... he's the one who said not a single drop of water can get on hardscapes or buildings in order to pass inspection.
No I said you never know what inspector your going to get, I do install per the most strict inspectors standards. And this inspecter will fail you for one drop.

Honestly though, if you really believe some of this stuff you type you need to get back out in the field for some real world experience. 3-4 people have confirmed that you must run MPRs longer to get a good result, yet you still are standing on your soap box.

It is nothing personal, I read some of the stuff you write and learn from it. I agree that an MPR 3000 will get a better matched pattern than a rotor with a 2 nozzle in a CONTROLLED enviroment. For some reason when they get in the ground they do not seem to be cutting the mustard.

Mainly the claim that they do better in the wind than a rotor is what I can't believe. They may not be misting, but they dont push through the wind like a rotor.
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