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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
Have you or TXI tried the low angle rotor nozzles? I think they do a better job in wind that any nozzle that is spraying 25' plus. They also do a nice job picking up the edges.
Just be curious to hear what you guys think. The LA comes standard on the RB 5000 but you need to request them for the pgp.

I notice RB has added a new rotor 5500 that they say can go down to 17'.
Yes I do use the LA nozzles. In fact I got a chance to use them both on different zones on a temp system. It was pretty cool because I got to see the spray patterns emerge on dry dirt.

From what I saw the LA nozzle way out preformed the standard. Also the pressure was un-real off a fire hydrent 130+ and the low angle did not mist near as bad.

I think I have a pic somewhere.

This zone we put one LA nozzle (front left in pic) and the rest were standard. You can see the huge difference in spray with the sun coming through.
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