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Originally Posted by rlpsystems View Post
Maybe mpr's should stay on the west coast. Mine on the east coast need a much longer run time......And, as I sold the homeowner on the water savings.........
I'm sorry .... does water flow differently on the East coast? FYI RLP .... I live in an area that gets NO rain for the better part of 6-7 months, and MPR's perform exceptionally well. Once again, no nozzle is going to make design flaws magically disappear ... not even the MPR.

Originally Posted by rlpsystems View Post
Long story short ....if you cant afford the water to run cant afford irrigation........He we are. Irrigation installers, and service people who see it year round and a different way. I have had my spell of mprs come through here, some on 2hp pump systems, (dumb for many reasons) on city systems, who are now runnning longer run times (1.5 hours), and sometimes the work great in that one spot thats hard to reach.....
AS the op asked.......I will not look at them as an answer after seeing there performance in this dry climate we're having. I say if you got the water to put down.....throw it on...
Now that is smart. Drought conditions ..... and throw on the water. WTF is wrong with people in this industry?
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