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Originally Posted by rlpsystems View Post
Stop being an is you should tunnel down and save all the aluminum you can........people can afford should find them........and work for THEM......priorities.....BTW there very rich and fancy, so dress in clean clothes, shave, and use big words like giril would do
The closer you get to WA D. C. the more rich you'll find. VA is like right next door.

Yes I may be overstating it but my Dad went through the depression in a pretty nasty way and never let his kids forget that that is always a possibility one needs to be on guard for. We have had 2 generations now who have never experienced a true financial failure. My Dad's generation rose through that and won WWII and laid the foundation for a great economic expansion. We are reaching a point in this country in which 50% of the people contribute nothing to the running of the country. Democracy cannot survive if people vote themselves benefits on the backs of future generations. Once the voting welfare crowd consistently defeats our rich customers irrigation is going to be the furthest thing from their mind.

Also don't forget our current leaders are Kirils that got power.

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