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Originally Posted by HokieAg07 View Post
We live in the real world not la-la land like you. I could say a whole lot more but in the end that is all that it really comes down to.
The bottom line is we need green grass, turf, whatever you wanna call it. There's people on this forum that think what's good here, is great there! I have been there, and now, am trying this. I know what works in my climate and if that means a single stream putting out water and overspraying into the street.........oh well... I have no complaints of spraying Smith Mountain Lake water on the streets, docks, walkways, hardscapes......cause there grass is green........if you must conserve...than do it. But dont tell another irrigator how charts work when you dont know the area. When a job plan is given to me....I bid after I see and visit job...Paper and irrigation are two different birds..........I am planning on going out for a three day swordfishing trip and would love kiril to pm me to come.......go Hokies!
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