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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Blah, blah, blah. The people I have a problem with are the people who think their shiit can't stink .... and even when shown to be in error they refuse to admit it. You will hard pressed to find anything I have posted (other than opinion) on this, or any other forum on this site, that I can't back up with credible publications. I don't present opinion as fact, and unlike some people here, I actually care about presenting accurate and actionable information. If you or anyone else has a problem with that then tough shiit.
Hey... I've never had a problem with the information you post. I know you've done your research. I know you know your ****. How long have you and I gone round and round over things? 3 or 4 years now? It's just the way you carry yourself here. You come off as an A$$hole every time you post! Until you have installed irrigation in every state represented here on this board your experience and opinions are limited to the work that you have done in northern / central CA. Everything is different by region. You're a smart guy.... you should realize this! Not everybody is going to do things the same way as you and not everybody who doesn't do things the same way as you is an idiot hack like you so desperately try to make them out to be.
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