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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
Hey... I've never had a problem with the information you post. I know you've done your research. I know you know your ****. How long have you and I gone round and round over things? 3 or 4 years now? It's just the way you carry yourself here. You come off as an A$$hole every time you post! Until you have installed irrigation in every state represented here on this board your experience and opinions are limited to the work that you have done in northern / central CA. Everything is different by region. You're a smart guy.... you should realize this! Not everybody is going to do things the same way as you and not everybody who doesn't do things the same way as you is an idiot hack like you so desperately try to make them out to be.
Look Dude ... if you or anyone else cops an attitude with me expect to get the same in return. Treat me with respect, and I will do the same.

Yes you are right, there are differences in irrigation management around the country, due to different climate, soils, water quality, plants, etc..... but there are considerably more similarities, particular when you are talking about design and installation. Hydraulics and the laws of physics don't change from region to region or state to state .... do they? You are a smart guy, certainly you must realize this.

CA contains nearly every climate zone available, with a pretty wide variety of soils as well. If there is any single state that has the best chance of being able to represent the widest range of potential irrigation scenarios it is this state. So in the end what do we have ..... not so different after all.

And Mike is right .... in the end it comes down to an issue of managing soil and plant health .... nothing more. Hopefully in doing so, one is taking the necessary steps to use our natural resources responsibly.
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