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I agree that Mike's designs and installs are probably the best on this site, just from reading here the last 8-10 years or so. Quality designs, quality materials. BUT - if I was to rely on selling that system here day in and day out, I would be in the unemployment line. So there has to be some give and take. Everyone hates to sacrifice quality, but you can still achieve a certain level of quality and efficiency.

As much as I hate to say it, I would suspect that even Mike's designs would still show occasional stress in the lawns if he was installing in TX, AZ or even CO when we see no rain for weeks and months, and the air has no humidity. Our weather forecasters here don't know the terms heat index or humidity levels. We just don't have it. The air is so dry here and in AZ that the moisture just gets sucked out within minutes, it seems. And then add in a constant wind this year, and it's even worse. Accepting a few stress areas here during the worst weather, should be the norm, rather than dump more water on. It's a friggin' high desert, semi arid climate for dog's sake. Shouldn't be growing bluegrass lawns here.
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