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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
Actually for me business is getting better. People have completely lost thier lawns, and can't keep up with them watering by hand. Also repairs on comm systems are through the roof, with the ground shifting it is braking 90's and a lot of male adaptors on valves.

I just had to hire another tech to keep up with the service calls. One property we have has had 2,500+ repair bills each of the last 3 months. That is also after cutting our repair rate in half because of all the work they have given us.

We are also getting a lot of calls to come out and fix coverage on below par systems. Seems like the weather is bringing out every weak spot on the systems.
You know, that makes sense. I forgot that in '02 I was doing the exact same thing. Service was booming, hired another guy, was contracted by the city to handle some stuff as well. I would think though that people would wait on adding new irrigation and landscaping until weather conditions improve. But probably not.
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