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Originally Posted by PSUhardscaper View Post
thanks tadpole. I appreciate your feedback very much. So, would you advise me to just tell the HO that we need to prune and then just see what happens? Or are there any other tasks (other than getting new brushes and repositioning the pump) you would recommend we complete to help nurture this pond back to health?
Unless there is something else that you are unaware of, replacing the brushes in the skimmer and getting more sunlight to the pond should be all.

If the trees are on the HO's property, they may want to consider removing one or two of the less important ones. That may also be the least expensive option. A lot depends on how the pond is oriented directionally. Morning sun is ideal, followed by afternoon sun as a second choice and, as a last resort, midday sun. The pond will react quite quickly on its own to the additional solar energy and rapidly recover its 'life'. He may initially experience a 'greening' of the water as the microbial life will be the first to react to the change. This will correct itself, over time, without the use of algaecides, as the rest of the pond completes the transition.
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