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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
I've replaced three this year. Gregg - how come Rainbird covers your labor? Lucky SOB. I've never put up a stink about it, but I'm sure I could get paid I did. I could probably bring up the whole TBird fiasco, and threaten to go all Hunter. But I am about to b!tch and complain about the DV valves.
I'd heard of other guys getting their labor costs covered but was always left out. This time the new contractor rep offered. I told him this was my go-to residential controller these days, and how I hoped this was an isolated problem.

They cut a check to my distributor on my behalf in Rain Bird Bucks, which I think just means he was credited on his Rain Bird order. Guess I was in the right place at the right time.

I was burned on T-Birds years ago. But then I switched to Toro Super 700s and got burned on those too. And I'm not going to even get into Toro Vision controllers.
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