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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
I am sorry I just don't think that a MPR belongs in the same class as a RB/Hunter VAN spray.

For one a RB VAN spray can go from 0-360 while MPRs have relitively small ajustment windows. i.e. 90-210, 210-270.

A rotor also has a varible arc, so why dont we just call any head that isnt a fixed nozzle a VAN? BC it makes no sense that is why, and it is easy to communicate with crews when you call Adjustible sprays VANS, multi spreams MP's, and rotors...well rotors.
A rotor is not a nozzle ... a MPRotator is a nozzle ... and they have a variable arc! I don't give a damn what class you want to put it into or what you want to call it.... at the end of the day it STILL will have a variable arc. You don't get to make up a new definition of "variable" just because it doesn't suit you in this case.

Now if you want to take issue with naming ... why do you call a MPRotator a MPR? What are you really talking about .... a Rainbird MPR fixed arc nozzle, or any other matched precipitation rate nozzle ... or a MPRotator?

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