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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
Maybe in the great scheme of things with the stock market crashing, our credit downgraded, 30 Seals dieing, London burning.... this argument over spray vans vs radius and arc adjustment multi-streams (HUNTER's description) is really important.>>>>> NOT
Time to get a life folks
Ummmm ..... if my memory serves me correctly .... you are the one who started us down this path Pete.

Since you want to be a nit picking fool ... then VAN only applies to the Rainbird adjustable spray nozzles given they dubbed the name. Toro calls theirs a TVAN and Hunter calls their a pro adjustable nozzle ... how about the other manufacturers. Which "VAN" are we talking about Pete ... VAN, TVAN, PAN ................? Which one do I get off the truck TXI?

So I guess as long as people use anything other than a RB "VAN" nozzle then they won't be a hack in your book ..... right?

At the end of the day ..... any nozzle that has a variable arc, including the MPRotator, will still be a variable arc nozzle.
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