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I'll tell you how bad the drought is becoming - inattentive truck drivers pulling trailers equipped with safety chains are starting more fires than people flicking cigarette butts out the window - it's that dry outside.
Yesterday a rancher had a chain fall off the hitch and bounce along. Started what ended up being almost a 500 acre fire, endangered multiple residences, live stock not to mention requiring two helicopters, two fixed wing tankers, fifteen departments and approximately 100 FF's to extinguish. Last count on water use was approximately 150,000 gallons. Eight 2,000 gallon wheeled tankers, 1 6,000 gallon tanker, the heavy lift helicopter dumped 1,200 gallons at a time and the count on the heavy chopper was over twenty dumps in under and hour and a half. And boy oh boy where the other ranchers royally p.o.'d since the choppers lift primarily from what water remains in their stock tanks essentially meaning now the live stock (what remains) now has to have water hauled in.
All because a good old boy "bubba" type couldn't or wouldn't pay attention to his trailer set-up.
This is the fourth time in less than two months idiots like this caused me to have a long day. Got into the office at 06:30, toned out at 13:19 and returned to my house at 23:00 that night.
To make matters worse the fed's have sent US Forest Service Wild Land FF's on two week rotations into Texas. The problem being most of these guys are from the more northern states. One FF from Ky ended up in the hospital since he had heat related seizures - seems it being 108*F with humidity over 75% hammered the dogshit out of these northern guys.
I used to get a bunch of flack about arriving at a scene in shorts but after yesterday at least thirty FF's said they were going to start wearing all cotton based shorts instead of blue jeans under their gear.
And there is no realistic end in sight, according to NOAA Texas is not expected to begin to receive measurable rainfall for at least two more months at a minimum.

Sorry about the rant but my patience is being tested by these country bumpkins.
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