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I too have adopted a "lean and mean" business strategy.
Reduced employee headcount, account acquisition based on mid level commercial properties targeting full service where I have all of the grounds based maintenance programs except the school district which is strictly "go and blow" service.
I can, with one laborer, complete two campuses in under seven hours, at an average yield approximating $750.00.
The high end accounts I have are relatively stable but here too I have addressed the full service approach in order to become the "reliable" service provider verse cheap cost.
So far this all seems to be working as well as objectively viewing the accounts under contract and not being afraid to re-negotiate slightly downward on price towards service(s) provided since the drought is curtailing time on site.
End result is I am getting more work based on the above strategy to the point my work week is almost full - meaning these accounts not only meet my revenue requirements but I am making essentially the same profit per week. All with less staff with the only downside being I am spending more time in the field.

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