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Originally Posted by txgrassguy View Post
Dana, that happened yesterday as well right during the task force deployment for the 500 acre event.

All of the VFD's are stretched really thin right now.

At least for the time being my existent client base understands and applauds my participation but I am fast approaching call saturation. Simply put, too many more call outs and I may have to start "qualifying" what events which I respond and others that may become bad luck.

Thanks Pete.
Was that the one that sparked off in Burnet?

Last month my guys sparked one off with the exhaust pipe of the mower. Good thing all my guys know irrigation because they started running around turning on valves to contain it. The fire department came but we had it out by the time they got there, all were very nice a stuck around for a while to make sure all the hot spots were taken care of. I also have fire extengishers mounted on the rops bars of all the mowers, and on every trecher we have. The prop owner told us to shut down the irrigation on the back part of the property to save $$$ and it was bone dry out there, this almost turned into a really bad choice.
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