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Speedzone & Drive XLR8 Q's

Speedzone - Lawn is KBG & TF. We're looking at a cooling trend, later in the week (highs in the low to mid 80's). So, I'm thinking of spot spraying after the irrigation system runs through. Am I going to be OK @ these temps/conditions? Planning on 1.5oz/gal (1KSF). I can't find on the label....any mention of RECOMMENDING using a surfactant.

Drive XLR8 - Same Q as above (same lawn) @ same rate w/ methylated seed oil surfactant. The home I'm speaking of had a power outtage in the last 2 wks, sometime. The irrigation system bugged out. I ran it through, manually, today (twice in the areas that looked dry-est). I'm also going to run it through the program in the AM. The CG, here, has gone to seed QUICKLY AND VIGOROUSLY. I'm wondering if this rate will knock it out or not? I'm hoping the added water will promote growth.

Also to note, I plan to mow @ this location, tomorrow afternoon. If I go through with this, I won't apply until Saturday AM (the normal day for the irrigation to run). Do I need to wait for the plants to completely dry, before applying? Partially? Right after (irrigating)?

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