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Ventrac tractor

Hey everyone,
Im in business for 1yr now and everything has gone really well infact that im going to buy my first new machine.I have two 36" mowers for my residential properties. I need a machine for my larger properties.1st is 6acres the 2nd is 3acres and the last is 2acres. i thought i wanted a zero turn because thats what everyone seems to use.. but i saw another machine (ventrac tractor) that caught my eye because of the versatility.they have extremely large decks 72
" OR 110" all sorts of attachments.. front end loader, snow blower,trenchers,blowers ect. why rent if this machine can take the place..

Im looking for anyone who has used one and there honest opinion of the machine and the price..

also why dont i see more of these in use on large properties or at all? seems more logical to get a tractor as versatile as this as appose to a zero turn mower that just cuts grass.Are they not good for moving Dirt mulch stone?

what im getting at is i want to purchase one, Im just looking for reasurance that this is going to do me justice and be worth me spending my money.I do all phases of landscaping/hardscaping/irrigation.i can imagin this would be a great toy for me..or maybe i just want to play with it and in my mind the little kid in me wants to play in the dirt with something bigger than a
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