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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
I'm still wondering why you have a 23Hp engine on a 60" mower..a little small
Replace the gasket and the plate(if you can get one)
The plates warp from heat.
Hi Piston Slapper. I like your name. I assume that it is in reference to slappin' pistons into bores and not in reference to pistons slapping against the bore walls creating annoying noise and premature failure / bor scuffing! Sorry, but I'm an enginerd and couldn't resist.

I agree with you though. I notice that the later models do not offer the little 23 hp on the bigger mowers. I got the mower thrown in with the house though so I'm not complaining... yet...

Thanks for the input. Base on yours and another previous reply I now know to get a new breather plate as well as the gasket.

Any ideas why the LH cyl was burning oil? Was the high pressure oil circuit in the breather plate cross-talking with the crankcase gas through the reed slot?
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