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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
Where's the pigtail?
Two brothers walked into town from their farms one day to buy pigs. On the way home, one brother said to the other, "how will we know which pig is mine and which is yours?" His brother pondered, then replied, "we could cut the left ear off your pig, then we'll be able to tell them apart". The man thought about this for a while then agreed. So, they cut the left ear off the man's pig. After a bit, the two pigs began fighting and the one-eared pig bit the left ear off the other pig. This posed the problem again, so they decided to cut the right ear off one of the pigs so they would know which pig was which. After a time, the pigs fought again and yes, the earless pig bit the right ear off the other pig.
Not knowing what to do, they discussed cutting one of the pigs tails off. Agreed. Again, the pigs fought and both ended up tailless.
Then, one brother suggested they cut one of the pigs hind legs off.
Finally after much thought, the other brother said, "that is just too inhumane. How about we say the black pig is yours and the white one is mine....
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