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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Change those click click (impulse/impact ?) which have large orifices (holes) that the water shoots out of, to rotary heads with smaller nozzles. You'll get 3 maybe 4 rotary heads with smaller nozzles on a hose bibb setup. Depends on how much water your hose bibb can supply at one time.

You can buy the plastic impact heads w/stake very cheap at a big box store. Basically you just want the stakes that attach to garden hoses. Get a cheapie hose timer.
Thats what i have now a 5/8 hose from the hose bib to the $1.99 impact, then another 5/8 hose that goes about 10ft to the next cheapy impact, but i tried to add a 3rd and lost so much pressure they wouldnt even rotate. thus i was thinking the kind you put in the gound and make a pvc setup for it
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