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Originally Posted by hoskm01 View Post
Just get MP3000's on 2" pop-up heads married to a 1" pvc line. If you choose to put it on top of the ground, so be it, but you wont get anyone here to tell you that is a good idea. For just starting out, putting down some water and getting some turf established is better than not. Go forth and do it form the hose-bib, you'll be fine.
nope not looking for any atta boys here just somthing that will get water on the ground and cover the front yard. thats were i get confused is line size and proper heads to use, and am I limited to how long a line i can have since my goal is 4 or 5 heads on a 100ft straight. Id pay for just this answear since i know its an art you all have fine tuned but i appreciate the help, i had 5 sprinkler companies give me quotes and they were all rude and unhelpful so thats why i turned here
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