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Toro hydraulic system

I have contractor friend that has a customer with one of these systems. The homeowner lives out of state and the house is empty but on the market. Homeowner wants the system (which has sat idle for 8-10 years) to work. Water source is a 1.5 hp centrifugal pump at the lake. The first problem is a silver maple that has grown around the mainline where it exits the pump. (I'll try to post a picture when I can retrieve it from my cell) The pipe is crushed shut and the elbow out of the pump is pulled (broken) apart. It has also damaged a small (appx. 1/4") tube leading from a pressure switch at the pump. I assume this feeds straight to the controller? There is a toggle switch at the pump that turns the pump on and off.

Once the plumbing issues are taken care of and the pump is primed, if I flip the switch will the pump shut off once the mainline is full? Is there a process to "bleed" the control tubing, or will the air just work its way out? Also, when winterizing, my normal procedure would be to pull the pump/intake from the lake and connect the air there. Will the valves operate correctly with compressed air as opposed to water?

I suppose I could try and sell a retrofit of this system...

I used the search feature here, and I have probably learned just enough to be dangerous. Any help is appreciated.
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