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When I was a kid, one of my best friends lived on a farm in front of which ran a state highway. One evening in the summer, his dad was sitting on the front porch just before dark, with no lights on in the house, enjoying a cool evening. Just down the road, he saw a car stop, and a guy get out and walk toward the house. The front porch had some shrubs around it, and the guy didn't see him sitting there, so he just sat quietly and waited.

Well, the guy looked around a bit, then went went out by the garage and walked back by carrying a gas can. My buddy's dad still didn't say a word, but let the fellow carry it to his car. Well, in a bit, his wife came home and they turned on the lights. Soon, there was a knock on the door, and this fellow said he had car trouble, and asked if he could borrow their phone to call someone to pick him up. McLin invited the fellow in, and showed him the phone, then smiled and said, "you know, those cars just don't run worth a crap on diesel fuel, do they?"

He laughed for days over the look on that guy's face!
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