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Originally Posted by Stuttering Stan View Post
Yes, I am. I strongly believe in image. I feel it's the easiest way to seperate yourself from the competition, especially with the upper end client. Image and knowing how to talk to the customer go hand-n-hand.
When meeting with a new client/ property manager, I always carry a clean change of clothes. The first impression is HUGE, and will be what they remember. Never pass up a chance to make a positive impression.
I agree too for the most part. However I don't follow that

My boss has us take our trucks through the car wash once a week- clean the rims.

Personally, If I was a client I would judge the 'quality' of the company by the look of the truck before the guy. - Then the guy.

I think attitude and confidence plays equal if not more important then image

I do like being dirty though.. I always get comments that it looks like i've been busting my ass.. It's appraising when other contractors comment.
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