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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Whatever you do, don't change a thing on the G6. I like them just the way they are and they are THE ONLY blades I will ever buy again. If you must make a change call the new blade the G7 or something. Keep making this blade the way it is. I've looked for 18 years for the perfect blade, and I''ve tried them ALL. No others come close.
Thanks for the comments. We have no plans to change the G6(tm). It has proved as you stated to be the best version we have produced for the pro cutters like yourself. We are going to introduce on a limited basis this year a new blade called G5(tm) which has all the features of the G6(tm) but is made of a little lighter steel to help get the weight down a little for those machines that can't handle it. Still will have same lift and be 3" wide. Has to be 3" wide to allow us to get that extra high lift formed into the blade.
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