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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
Thanks for the clarification stebs. That pool plumbing looks crowded but it also looks logical. That koi pond plumbing looks like a homeowner special and not very well thought out. But i don't know. Do you need all that for a koi pond ? I am betting that a pro job would look a little different. I am a big fan of manifolds of any type. So please tell me what i am looking at.
Do you need all of that for a Koi Pond? Well, according to most hard-core Koi enthusiasts, the answer is a resounding YES.

From the photo, it is hard to tell exactly which 'Bells and Whistles' are employed on this particular pond as all that can be seen is the outflow side of the pump. A bead filter is in plain view as are what appears to be two UV clarifiers. This install most likely has tangential jets, judging from the plumbing. It may very well also have a skimmer (You can bet the ranch that it has a bottom drain). It also may have a trickle tower, a fluid bed filter and a foam fractionator. The little container with the small piping that ius hanging on the wall is a mystery device. Also on the intake side, it may have a sieve filter and a vortex.

A professional installation may possible utilize a larger area for all of this plumbing, but it will still look like a 'Rube Goldberg'.

IMO, all of this is for the benefit of the pond owner, the Koi could care less. In fact, all of this attempt at perfection in water quality may actually compromise the Kois' immune system.

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