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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Its actually kinda funny now. Honest, I had just got gas at Wal-Mart, and 3 people stopped to talk to me about the mower. Asking me all kinda questions about it. I sat in the truck on the side of the road for a while before I got out. I was scared to see what happened to the mower. It ripped my bagger to shreds, but not one piece came off the mower. Me and another guy that stopped to help, flipped the mower over and I cranked it up and drove it back on the trailer. The deck was bent a little, hydros were off a bit, e-brake bent, and the front fork was toast. I called the factory to get the front piece, and they asked me to drive it up, and they actually fixed it, new deck even! I have actually become a dealer now for them, pretty much because of my experience with the factory and the price points.
not sure if pics will show up in quote but page 32 i believe... this is what kills families minding thier own business in minivans and why laws require straps
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