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Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
I use the Work Tunes as well and they are very good at reducing noise level, however, I don't use the radio feature to listen to music because it would just be trading the music noise for the mower noise ... in other words, why block out 25 decibals of mower noise for 25 decibals of music noise !!
You raise a good point. I wear my peltor H10A external muffs -30db on top of my shure SE425 In Ear Monitors also -25db. Without the external added layer of the muffs on top of the Shure IEM's YOU WILL BE raising the volume to hear clearly thus hearing damage will happen. We loose our hearing on gradual.basis constantly. Even my own dad in his mid 80's say the noise of a mower doesn't bother him nor does the shrill noise of a table.saw. But the fact remains he is going deaf. His TV volume is blasting as well as his speaker phone. Dispite being a high level former big brain math teacher whiz. The issue and.facts of accumulative hearing loss is lost on him.
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